Monday, July 29, 2013

Goats! and more Goats!

 I ended up with deposits on goats from 2 different states! Now I have to figure out how to get them home!
The little PCA doeling on the left is Dharma, I have wanted her since I first saw her, I waited and they only had 2 more Pygora does born and they both were very ligh colored, I so wanted reds and browns, so I am going to get both of these kids, the boy with the white spot on his head is wethered.
   But I was looking for a PBA  buck to breed Mocha this fall/winter, I wanted a heavy Pygora (more than 50% Angora)who had been disbudded (no horns)  Alas I found him!

 He is coming with 2 Pygora does who are Caramel and over 60% Angora. I can't wait to bring them home!
Fencing, fencing, fencing!!!!

I will have 3 does to breed this fall/winter, and so much Pygora fiber! I better start taking those classes so I can use it!

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