Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sometimes..and Puppy Comforts

Sometimes things happen for reasons we don't always understand at the time. There are families in Collies, and there are some families when I look at them they hit me deep somewhere I'll call my soul, it was like that the first picture I saw of Roma. Roma is special and I don't expect I'll ever have quite that face again after she's gone, Roma's daughter Halle I can see her face always, and my Keenie, everytime I see her picture I still can't stop crying... Someday it will happen. I was going to breed Inca and raise a litter, I thought I would need to do that to fall as deeply for another Collie as I was for Keyna. Before Keyna passed I found out about a litter of puppies, the dam of which I adored when I first saw her at 6 months, she is as close to my Roma as I have seen in the face and sweetness factor. I inquired about the litter and if there was a tri smooth girl, the picture above was the response I got. Those who know Roma can see the resemblence in the face in the background.

   But when the end came for Keyna, so fast ,I was so torn apart I told the breeder I just couldn't handle it. She waited a couple weeks and then sent me an email asking if I felt any better and did I want time to think about it. I thought I would go look, I needed a dose of puppy comfort, there would be other litters and I was still waiting for Inca to come into heat. In one day as I was preparing to go see the puppies I recieved news which was a deciding factor that I would not breed Inca, Then as I arrived and Maisey the puppy mama followed me and sat next to me being oh so sweet, and Collie. And puppies, so happy, lively and full of life, a needed elixer. I got to meet the sire and appreciate his temperament and virtues, And yes Ripple joined the Hylights family. She is a necessary life force full of puppy mischief and fun and has improved my outlook and allowed me to focus on the future. Welcome Ripple Effect!