My Roma,
 Champion Bit O Heaven Endless Romance, The puppy picture I first saw, the finished Champion and 9 1/2 years later winning a major toward a Grand Champion @ nearly 11!  Roma is a grand girl in every way, I have adored her since I first saw her, she Runs the house, wakes me in the morning, is the number 1 farm helper, alerting me to colicy horses, foxes in the chicken pen, and even protector of baby ducks.

Pulled out of bed to be a "filler" to hold the major when a couple bitches fell out during the night she was rushed into the ring, and managed to come out with a Reserve Winner to Inca!
She's "    Hylights Keen On You RE" Along with Inca and Roma at the show.
Halle and Derby, Roma's girls!~

Roma out hiking with a young Keyna and brother Lance.

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