Thursday, June 28, 2012


My new endeavor, Goatlings, I'm excited to be bringing them home, The first pic is Mocha, she is a dark chocolate brown, below with her dam Blue  an Oberhasli, her sire Logan is a red Angora. Blue is a great mother to triplets and a profuse milker, even feeding triplets she also is giving 1/2 gallon a day for cheese for the owners. They gave me some of her cherve with cranberries to try, it was nice and they said easy to make, Hmm I could see doing some of that... Below is a pic of Mocha next to her black sister,  Latte's dam is in the background. The second pic is Latte (also sired by Logan) with her brother behind her and again that black doeling from Blue. Latte is the youngest and smallest in the goat yard, but she seems to have a profuse coat so I'm hoping she'll be a fiber producer. Mocha could be a good milker and possibly have a cashmere like fiber that combs out. Both little Goaters have a lot of eating to do here at my place, I'm thinking it's even too much for 2 goats. I fell in love with Blue she is personality Plus! she also is uber friendly. I hope her babies will be nearly as friendly.

This is the little black doeling, out of Blue, I notice looking at my pictures she has managed to get herself in all of them, and her coat has a lot of wavyness to it...., I am thinking she really wants to come home with her sister too.
And this is a young Angora doe, I love her too, she followed me around and loved having her head rubbed. Maybe I will be able to afford one of these next year...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pool Time

Gritty, Derby and  Halle
Gritty splashes while Keyna drinks
Today is a good day to play in the pool!