Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dog food snobbery

Yes I have to admit, I am a dog food snob, and yes I believe there is something to the slogan you are what you eat. So when my dogs develop any issues I do look at what they eat. Twice a day they get a bowl of dog food, often with extras added. They also love fruits and veges.

       So when Inca had a weird episode a week and a half ago I questioned my dog food, she had not had any recent meds or insecticides. I have been feeding mostly Canidae for more than 10 years, I raised two very healthy litters on it, until we had issues with horrible mucous wrapped stools and found Canidae had changed the grain portion of their foods without changing the label, we switched to Earthborn holistics, that was about a year, but I noticed Roma just looked a bit rough, so I went to Taste of the Wild. Eventually when Canidae came out with the single grain I went back  to that, remembering the healthy years. Each change brought the cost of feeding my dogs up, and I thought I  had hit my ceiling for costs.  After reading in Whole dog journal and Dog Food Advisor about rice and arsenic I moved to the grain free pure elements, at $55/ 30lbs I really was over my ceiling, but if it was the best I could feed, and keep them healthy, I would give it a try.
  The morning after the episode I called Canidae, I decided I needed to know that the food was produced in their new Ethos mill and not the Diamond plant in SC. To my surprise they told me no that the Pure Elements was still being made in SC. A plant that has been the source of so many recalls, I was spending this much to give my dogs the healthiest meal I could, and was very uncomfortable with where it was being produced .
 So I decided I needed a new food and set out to make a list of what I wanted.
I started by looking at the foods who had received
5 stars from dog food advisor and were
on WDJ list of recommended foods, looking into those foods further I added;
Made by a company that only makes pet or animal feeds.
Made by the company not outsourced.

Ripple won't let go! She sleeps with a cow hoof in her mouth!

That became a very narrow list.

So my dogs are eating  Acana wild prairie now, the dogs are crazy about it! Inca is obviously feeling and acting better. Her bloodwork came back with odd results and will have to be repeated in a couple months, I may start her on meds, the vet left it up to me, she said with the bloodwork it could go either way but we will retest either way. I'm still contemplating. I also ordered a bag of  Orijen.


  1. We read about you on All things Collie and just wanted to say Howl-low. We'll have to catch up reading your posts over the weekend.

    Dog Speed,

    Essex & Sherman

  2. With a good quality, grain-free dog food you’ll find that once your dog gets used to it they will be happy to eat less and get a much better diet of what they really need.Grain free food for dogs

  3. I didnt relaize I had comments here! So I should check my blog more often!
    My dogs are all eating Orijen now, they love it, their coats are great, I love burying my hands in their ruffs, they LOVE it! Savvy dances and drools at her feeding spot when I am carrying the bowls over, I guess it's a cost I can bear!