Saturday, March 9, 2013

Books and Beliefs

Over my vacation I did some reading and listening to audiobooks. It started with "Merle's Door" at first I hated it, I am not a fan of  people talking for their dogs like that ( I prefer more the Terhune type dog voice) but I also didn't like his assertion that dogs must run free 24/7 to be happy, and dogs who don't are prisoners.
 I think my logo will be "Hylights, Home of the Happy Hostages"
 I then got into the research that he put into the book from behaviorists etc, and looked forward to those parts, but indeed never finished the book because it just started sounding so condemning of the majority of responsible dog owners.
 However due to Patricia McConnell's recommendation, whose books The Other End Of The Leash, and For The Love Of A Dog I loved,  I got Pukka's Promise, by the same author as Merle's Door,  this book was about how to help your dog live longer, and contains even more research he did into longevity from breeding to feeding etc. however he continues to interject his voice for his dog, continues to be irresponsible and let's the dog have 24/7 access to running, even though his previous dog Merle had playmates who had been shot and hit by cars and killed, and the ACO had brought him home and reminded him of the leash law. So I am still reading it in parts for the research that could be usable.
    This caused me to re-subscribe to The Whole Dog Journal, and I have been enjoying that even more as I can read the past issues digitally in iBooks. Ok here is lots of good , great information on feeding and training  and keeping your dog happy and long and Responsibly!
All Hail the Happy Hostage's!!!

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  1. My ex-husband is one of those "dogs must be free to roam, to be happy" advocates. He also thinks dog shows are cruel. I have no patience for this type of mindset.