Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sometimes..and Puppy Comforts

Sometimes things happen for reasons we don't always understand at the time. There are families in Collies, and there are some families when I look at them they hit me deep somewhere I'll call my soul, it was like that the first picture I saw of Roma. Roma is special and I don't expect I'll ever have quite that face again after she's gone, Roma's daughter Halle I can see her face always, and my Keenie, everytime I see her picture I still can't stop crying... Someday it will happen. I was going to breed Inca and raise a litter, I thought I would need to do that to fall as deeply for another Collie as I was for Keyna. Before Keyna passed I found out about a litter of puppies, the dam of which I adored when I first saw her at 6 months, she is as close to my Roma as I have seen in the face and sweetness factor. I inquired about the litter and if there was a tri smooth girl, the picture above was the response I got. Those who know Roma can see the resemblence in the face in the background.

   But when the end came for Keyna, so fast ,I was so torn apart I told the breeder I just couldn't handle it. She waited a couple weeks and then sent me an email asking if I felt any better and did I want time to think about it. I thought I would go look, I needed a dose of puppy comfort, there would be other litters and I was still waiting for Inca to come into heat. In one day as I was preparing to go see the puppies I recieved news which was a deciding factor that I would not breed Inca, Then as I arrived and Maisey the puppy mama followed me and sat next to me being oh so sweet, and Collie. And puppies, so happy, lively and full of life, a needed elixer. I got to meet the sire and appreciate his temperament and virtues, And yes Ripple joined the Hylights family. She is a necessary life force full of puppy mischief and fun and has improved my outlook and allowed me to focus on the future. Welcome Ripple Effect!


  1. She is very cute! Love the white on her nose! I was wondering what happened with breeding Inca. Will you still do that in a year or two?

    Will Ripley be old enough to enter in the Maine shows in March?

  2. Not for Maine, born Oct 22nd, I don't know about the breeding yet, but Ripple would be nice to take to the stud dog I had in mind!
    One day at a time, and we have to get past tomorrow don't we LOL?

  3. Congrats! And born 3 days after my litter (and right before two other friends puppies), so it was a great week in pups! Good luck with her!

    1. Thanks Beth! I will probably wish I were house training In Fla rather than Maine !
      I have been following your litter and they are Wicked Cute !!!

  4. Congratulations Amy, on the very cute new addition. I love the name, too:-)